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I will never be my own grandpa.

I would hesitate to live in a world in which Chase did not work at Mochaccino's.

Thursday was my last day of finals. Thursday, December ninth. That means that when I go back to school on January...eighteenth, I think it is, I will have been on holiday for over a month. This fills my heart with joy. Thursday afternoon, Dave and I watched Oprah together. When I met him, he said "I hate Oprah." Now he says "...she's okay..." :) Later, we went to Sonic and socialized with Jaime, who happened to be there, and then we went to the band concert, where I saw many people, but not Amanda Penick. :( Last, Robin came with me to bring David back to school, and after we walked him to the dormitory, we RANveryfast to the parking lot because it was 10:30pm and we were in New Orleans and we were scared.

On Friday I worked.
On Saturday I did not. I went to the movies with Jaime. We saw Ocean's Twelve. I scoffed at the robbery that is movie concessions prices. She spent the night at my house. I slept on the floor because I am a kind hostess and I love my cousin. I woke up and went to church and talked to Lee in person for the first time everrr, and I smiled at the little Russian girl.

On Friday, Juan (the manager, my boss) told me to come to work today at three o'clock. I arrived at around 2:55. I walked in and said hello to the hostess/cashier who worked the morning shift. She promptly told me to go home.

ME: But I'm supposed to work. Juan told me to come.
HER: He told ME to come.
ME: ...ok...
HER: I'm staying.
ME: Is Juan here?
HER: Nope.
ME: Is Kyle here?
HER: Yes.
ME (to Kyle): She's telling me to go home.
KYLE: Were you supposed to work today?
ME: Yes.
KYLE: When are you supposed to work again? When CAN you work?
ME: Every day until mid-January. I guess I could just always take the morning shift..
HER: Nope, I've got it covered.
ME: Or I could work the night--
HER: NO. The other girl works at night.
ME: Well..
KYLE: Talk to Juan tomorrow.

So I went home, and disappointment consumed me. I've been working there for a long time, and I'm good at what I do. While I don't think that the other cashier was trying to be mean, I wish that we could have worked something out. Oh well. I'm happy now.

Tomorrow I anticipate going to Wal-Mart, where perhaps the purchase of a new crochet hook is necessary. I wish that Mary-Kate and Ashley shampoo and conditioner was still available.
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