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Nineteen hours of last week were spent at La Casa Del Sol, and I feel fulfilled therefore. My boss gave me a project -- I'm going to make cutesy signs to identify the buffet items.

Christmas brought many gifts, including clothing and dishes (yes) and a wall clock that ticks obnoxiously loudly, among other things. I love this clock because it displays different scenes from Breakfast at Tiffany's, one of the best movies ever filmed. And I also like the idea of having a wall clock in my room, because most people just have alarm clocks, I suppose. However, I don't understand how a reasonably sized clock can tick so that with each second, it sounds like a gunshot is being fired. As you can imagine, this clock makes it astoundingly difficult for me to sleep at night. I haven't slept as much since I've gotten it. Therefore, I will very soon invest in some earplugs.

Later this week, I might go to Celebration in the Oaks with Justina, I might go to Michael's house (Lauren, do you want to come with Bety and me to Michael's house IFFFFF I go? He asked if you could), and I will go to Mississippi to visit my dear grandparents. I might also go shopping with my sister. And I will work every day.

I should mention the snow, and how our snowman had peas for eyes. And how I was wearing short sleeves and a skirt and had to borrow my grandmother's clothes. So in all of our pictures of the snow, I look ridiculous.

Hey, Amanda Penick.

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