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Yesterday at Olive Garden, I got to see the lunch/dinner transition. You see, when my sister and I got there (around 3:45), all of the silverware was wrapped in white paper napkins. But starting at four o'clock, every time a table left, the busser put green-cloth-napkin-wrapped silverware down. And I found that interesting.

On the interstate, Bety exclaimed "There's Colt Miller!"
But I didn't see him.
She says he saw us, though.

With only a limited amount of time to spend at the mall, I was able to make some quick decision-making, and bought two pair of pants, a necklace, and two shirts, one of which I must return because it is dry-clean only. I think these clothes that I purchased are on the borderline between cute and it's-so-ugly-it's-cute. But I like them. Red corduroy old-looking pants, eggplant-purple-brown pants, a pale yellow shirt, and a really long necklace with three extremely un-matching but at the same time coordinating charms (cameo, pearl, diamond). I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you see me walking around in an ugly ensemble, don't burst my bubble. I love my clothes.

I don't know exactly how I came across a website for learning Albanian, but I did. And I LOVE it. Mostly because it looks hard, but is actually the easiest language that I've tried to learn.

Dialogue 1.
Xhon – Tungjatjeta, Marin!
Marin – Tungjatjeta, Xhon!
Xhon – Po kjo kush është?
Marin - Ah, më falni! Njihuni, ju lutem. Kjo zonjusha është Zana Kodra. Ajo është shqiptare, përkthyese. Zana, ky është zoti Xhon Smith. Ai është amerikan. Ai është gazetar.
Zana – Gëzohem që u njohtëm!
Xhon – Gëzohem gjithashtu!
Marin – Zoti Smith di pak shqip. Ai po mëson çdo ditë. Unë po e ndihmoj.
Zana – Sa mire! Tani më falni, po shkoj. Shoqëroj disa turistë anglezë dhe ata më presin. Mirupafshim!
Marin – Mirupafshim!
Xhon – Mirupafshim!

I hope that you kids have a safe New Year.
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