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4:50am -- I yawn, stretch, and get dressed. I'm wearing a plaid blazer. And my fingernails are so mod.
4:52am -- I leave with my father for the airport.
5:20am -- We arrive at the airport, check in, those sorts of things.
5:50am -- We get onto the plane. This is as far as I've gotten before, and it was on a field trip during writers' camp when I was in...eighth grade, I think. Layla Naquin got fussed at by Ms. Sims for touching the phones that are in the seats.
6:05am -- The plane starts moving, takes off, we fly, et cetera. The flight attendant's name is Gloria. She is Asian, and I like her.
7:06am -- The plane lands in Houston. I have successfully completed my first airplane flight.
7:20am -- Airport shuttle to rental car place.
8:15am -- We arrive at the office building, where I have been ever since.

This is not a big deal for anyone else, but I'm super excited. I'm proud of myself for taking this calmly, and for being the second person in my family ever to get on a plane. Today's trip is in preparation for my trip to Greece, because if I had tried to accomplish everything at once (i.e. plane flight + leaving the country + being away from my parents = nervous breakdown/receding hairline/death), I probably wouldn't have survived. We're flying back this afternoon.

This morning I went to Starbucks, and when the nice man told me that there isn't anymore eggnog, I smiled at him and asked for a gingerbread latte instead. It made me feel Christmasy inside, and I ate pumpkin bread too.

I got to meet my dad's boss and his co-workers and they are nice. Mr. Phu even let me use someone's office who isn't here today. So I'm sitting in this person's office whom I've never met, surrounded by pictures of whom I assume are her family members, and also by many cans of diet coca-cola with lime; one of which I would like to take, but will not because it does not belong to me.

I obtained cassette tapes from the public library. They will help me to say useful things in Modern Greek. I'm going to play these tapes constantly, so that the phrases will burn themselves into my mind whilst I sleep.

+Can you direct me to the dry cleaners?
Borite na mou pete poo ine to katharistirio;
+What is today's U.S.-dollar exchange rate?
Pia ine i timi sinalagmatos ya to tholario;
+I have some cigarettes.
Ekho liga tsigara.

I'm using a really old laptop, and the mouse touchpad clicks if you hit it too hard.
I just sneezed aloud for the first time. Thus I will probably not die because of my sinuses rupturing.
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