Amélie Poulain (bel_optimisme) wrote,
Amélie Poulain

Things that I've done for the first time in Greece.

1. left the country.
2. drank bad-tasting coffee. ("it's not bad or weird, it's DIFFERENT.")
3. paid five bucks for two scoops of ice cream in a non-disposable cup.
4. washed dishes.
5. went on a boat.
6. inhabited a three by ten foot space with one other person (quite literally...the room was a giant bed. we had to put our suitcases on it as well as sleep on it. Good thing I'm not claustrophobic!)
7. swam in the sea.
8. ate octopus.
9. learned to make a Greek salad.
10. washed dishes -- by hand! While conserving water! (no fresh supply on the boats; only tanks that are refilled when we dock every two days) -- it was sooo fun too. I felt centered afterward. So zen.
11. walked around alone and felt safe.
12. went to a club.
13. went to a bar.
14. danced with a boy (several boys at different times actually, but don't worry, it wasn't too crazy -- it was always someone from UNO).
15. endured two complete days with absolutely no sleep.
16. wore a two-piece bathing suit.
17. slept in a hotel room alone.
18. skipped two days between showers (everyone was doing it; we had to. Note #10 -- water conservation).
19. saw a mountain.
20. watched the sunrise (even though it was blocked by one of those silly mountains).
21. was kissed by a complete stranger (several, actually. it's what they do here).
22. saw a dolphin not in a tank, but just swimming around.
23. got a nice tan (seriously. Now I bet you can't wait to see me!)
24. went for a walk in the city (but not unattended) at 3am.
25. ate dinner ate 11pm (every night you guys. Breakfast at 7, lunch beginning at 3-4, dinner beginning somewhere between 9-11. There's no way I'm going to get back into the swing of things).

Well I'm sure there are more. I'll show you all my pictures when I return. My internet time is running out so I have to stop, but I'm leaving tomorrow morning and I'll see you all this week!
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