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May twenty-first is the day that I leave New Orleans.
May twenty-second is the day that I arrive in Athens.
June twelfth is the day that I return to New Orleans.
Twenty-two days in Greece, thirty-four hours on an airplane.

While in Greece, I will...
...attend lectures,
climb Mount Olympos,
have dinner with Greek university students,
spend an entire week on a sailboat-yacht,
before that I'll learn to swim,
visit the birthplace of Homer,
go shopping,
eat lots of mousaka,
stay in eight different hotels,
attempt to speak Greek to the natives (maybe),
consume much fish oil.

My first plane ride ever will be seventeen hours long. I think we will stop in New York on the way to get on a different plane. I don't know how these things work. I have to fit clothes for over three weeks into a twenty-two-inch suitcase. I'm really excited about this, you guys. I wish it weren't seven months away.

I don't know anyone else that's going. I really hope that Steve can go. And benkilpatrick. And David Ross LeBlanc. If not, I think that's ok. I'll chill with Dr. Blanton. She's cool.

This will be the first step toward involvement in international affairs. When I return, I will feel very cultured. And I will have a better chance at getting a job.

Oh, and since I get six credit hours for going on this trip, when I come back I'll be eighteen hours ahead. That means that I can graduate early. Heh.

I think I'm going to learn Greek now. Andi'o sas!
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